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Grammar Guide: An introduction to grammar essentials

ebook-grammar-guide-an-introduction-to-grammar-essentials-400pxYou don’t need an understanding of grammar to write well, but you do need some grammar basics to understand why some things in English are right or wrong. For instance, when do you use ‘whom’ and does it matter? Some grammar rules change and this e-book teaches you the black and white rules and looks at the areas where grammar is changing.

This guide covers:

  • Grammar terms
  • Agreement issues
  • Personal and relative pronouns
  • Preposition choice
  • Modifier problems
  • Grammar myths
  • The times they are a-changing?

Katri Hilden, freelance editor, says: ‘Mary takes a modern approach to grammar and makes this sometimes confusing topic easy to understand. Unlike most books about writing and grammar, her e-books and other practical resources are written in clear, plain English and are easy to use. They’re a great guide for anyone who’d like to improve their editing and writing skills.’

This e-book is included with the self-paced course, Grammar Essentials.

Available in both Australian and US spelling (Australian spelling is similar to British spelling). You can make your choice when you buy.

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Also available as a Kindle book on Amazon.