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Grammar Essentials

Learn grammar online in your own time

grammar-essentials-online-courseThe word glamour evolved from grammar and the link between them is ‘magic’. Once upon a time, grammar described all learning, including magic.

If you missed out on grammar at school, or just want to brush up on your grammar skills, then this is the online grammar course for you.

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‘It was a great refresher, as I had forgotten a lot. It was also good to see what rules have evolved over time.’

‘Comprehensive and well worth doing.’

‘Highly recommended.’

Course contents

This Grammar Essentials online course covers basic grammar rules that everyone should know. It also teaches you about areas of grammar that aren’t black and white (e.g. different from, different than and different to) and looks at invented rules that don’t matter in informal writing (e.g. starting a sentence with And).

This online grammar course was developed by Mary Morel.

This course covers:

  • Grammar terms
  • Common grammar issues
  • Agreement issues
  • Personal pronouns
  • Relative pronouns
  • Modifier problems
  • Grammar myths
  • The times they are a-changing
  • Grammar questions
  • Grammar resources
  • Grammar revision

The course will take 2–4 hours and you have access for one year. You can download the e-book for future reference.

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Grammar tips

The online course covers these tips (and more) in greater detail. The course also includes quizzes and activities.

active and passive voice

collective nouns: singular or plural verbs?

different from, different than, different to

either/or and neither/nor

grammar poem

not only… but also

‘one or more is’ or ‘one or more are’

squinting adverbial modifiers

than I versus than me

which and that

who and whom