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How to use Apostrophes

Master apostrophes with this online grammar course

This online apostrophe course is part of An A to Z of Punctuation.apostrophe-online-course

Although the basic rules are straightforward, apostrophes can be tricky. Not everyone agrees on all usages and sometimes sentences with apostrophes are clumsy. Occasionally, it’s easier to rewrite a sentence to avoid using an apostrophe.

For instance:

  • Would you write 20 years experience or 20 years’ experience?
  • And would you write Frances’ report or Frances’s report?

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Course contents

Developed by Mary Morel, this online grammar course covers:

  • Grammar jargon (a refresher on grammar terms to make the rest of the online course easier to understand)
  • Possessive apostrophes (e.g. Julie’s workload)
  • Descriptive apostrophes (e.g. two weeks’ notice or two weeks notice?)
  • Contractions and omissions
  • How to avoid apostrophes
  • Common apostrophe problems
  • Apostrophe questions
  • Resources

This course takes 1–2 hours to complete and you have access for one year.

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US English version

This course is also available in US English. If you have bought this course and would like the US English version, email mary@onlinewritingtraining.com.au