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How to write work emails

How to write effective business emails

Improve the quality of your business communications with this online writing course on how to write effective business emails.

This online email course is developed by Mary Morel who has taught hundreds of business writers how to write more effective business emails.

If you’re a graduate starting off in the world of work, it’s sometimes difficult to press the ‘send’ button because you worry whether you have expressed yourself clearly in the right tone. Especially if you’re emailing someone in a senior position.

Or maybe you’ve been writing emails for years, but a manager has told you to improve your writing skills.

Emails are challenging because we write them quickly and sometimes don’t take enough care with the grammar, punctuation, layout or tone.

And sometimes we don’t state our messages clearly enough and our emails are ignored. Then we’re faced with the problem of how to follow up.

All these issues, and more, are covered in this elearning course.

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Course content

This online writing course on how to write effective emails covers:

  • Manage your emails
  • Email etiquette
  • Think first
  • Write specific subject lines
  • Get to the point
  • Write well
  • Write difficult emails
  • Format and punctuate
  • Check your tone
  • Check your grammar
  • Review your email

This interactive online writing course includes information, activities and quizzes. You also download the e-book, emails@work for future reference.

This course takes 3–5 hours to complete and you have access for one year.

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