Online writing courses for business writers

Online Writing Training offers online writing and grammar courses for individuals and organisations. The courses for organisations can be tailored based on your style guide.

Writing is an essential business skill and these courses will help you improve your writing.

Learn in your own time from anywhere in the world

Created by Mary Morel, the courses are easy to fit into your busy schedule because each module is concise and self-contained. You can dip in and out when you have 15 minutes to spare. 

The courses are in Australian English, but the principles of good writing and grammar are universal. American users just have to accept a few spelling differences (organisation vs organization). 

Thoroughly modern online courses

In 2018, I reviewed and updated all my original courses. They now include e-books, information sheets, videos, podcasts, quizzes and worksheets. The Write to Govern course also includes a copy of my book.

To  help you improve both your writing and grammar, I have created a Business Writing and Grammar Bundle. Normally A$790 for both courses, the price for the bundle is A$553, saving you A$237 (30%).

I created this bundle because many users were completing the grammar course and then registering for the business writing one. (I offer a 30% discount when you buy a second course.)

Why not register for an online course now?

When you register for a course, you receive instant access for an unlimited time period. When you finish the course, you can download a certificate of completion. I also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the course isn’t for you. 

Mary Morel

Mary Morel

I, Mary Morel, founded Online Writing Training to help people develop their writing skills and feel more confident about their writing. 

I have worked with words for most of my career – as a secondary school teacher, freelance writer, corporate trainer and author. 

My non-fiction books are Promote Your Business, Talk Up Your Business and Write to Govern. The first two were published by Allen & Unwin and I self-published the third. 

What I love about writing is that there’s always more to learn. 

Becoming a grammar expert

I did not set out to become a grammar expert, but when I started writing a monthly e-newsletter over 15 years ago, people asked me grammar questions I couldn’t answer. I did a grammar paper at university, but don’t recall learning grammar at school. 

The Grammar, Punctuation and Usage course is the result of years of research and answering questions. Grammar can be complex, but I’ve tried to make the course practical and relevant. 

Becoming a board paper specialist

I started specialising in teaching board papers within organisations in 2007. I successfully completed the company directors course at the Australian Institute of Company Directors and facilitated workshops for the Governance Institute of Australia for several years.

I’ve written two editions of Write to Govern. The first edition was influenced by theory; the second was based on years of reading board papers and seeing the same sorts of challenges for writers.