Empathetic and empathic

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By Mary Morel Reader’s question: So many people say empathetic but I like empathic. What’s your view? Answer: I think they can be used interchangeably, but Daily Writing Tips has an interesting take on these words. In summary, it says: ‘Because of the Star Trek influence, I … Read More


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By Mary Morel Did you know that the ‘e’ in e-words stands for ‘electronic’? We invent new words all the time and we’ve made several new words by putting ‘e’ in front of them. I wonder if the original meaning … Read More

Disinterested versus uninterested

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By Mary Morel If you are not interested in something are you disinterested or uninterested? disinterested Disinterested means impartial. I am disinterested in politics. uninterested Uninterested means not interested in. I am uninterested in music. I wonder if this distinction is dying out. … Read More

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