Deprecate versus depreciate

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By Mary Morel deprecate Deprecate means to put down or disapprove of. He made deprecating remarks about the evening. depreciate Depreciate means to decline in value. The property depreciated. He made deprecating remarks that led to the property depreciating in value.   … Read More

Palindrome: a definition and examples

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By Mary Morel Have you ever wondered what a palindrome is? A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same way forwards or backwards. Anna don’t nod madam nurses run A Toyota’s a Toyota Watch this YouTube video that reads the exact opposite … Read More

All about words: modifiers, looking forward

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By Mary Morel | May 2017 Dangling, misplaced and squinting modifiers I sometimes wonder who invents grammar terms. This month I looked at dangling, misplaced and squinting modifiers. What’s wrong with these sentences that Liz Boulter gives in her Guardian article, Excuse … Read More

Ampersands (&)

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By Mary Morel Ampersands in business writing Reader’s question: When do you use an ampersand (&) instead of ‘and’? Answer: You can use ampersands in titles, signage and website buttons where space is limited or the ampersand is part of … Read More

Active and passive voice

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By Mary Morel The active voice is more direct and vigorous than the passive. With the active voice, you learn ‘who’ or ‘what’ is responsible for the action at the beginning of the sentence. In other words, when the subject … Read More

Plural of status

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Reader’s question: What is the correct plural of status? Answer: Pam Peters, The Cambridge Guide to English Usage, says: ‘In English usage status has both an anglicized plural statuses and the (zero) plural status. The second results from its being a Latin fourth declension noun … but also correlates … Read More

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