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‘I never cease to find things that I need to know about grammar and wonderful information that will assist me in thinking and writing. Thank you profoundly Mary!’
Speaker, Consultant, Mentor Winston Marsh, Melbourne

‘Even though I am a life-long citizen of USA (70 years!) working and writing mostly Spanish in South America, I very much appreciate and enjoy reading The Grammar Factor. I find that the information is timely and helps resolve many of the nagging little inconsistencies that probably confound many users of the English language. I have noticed changes in grammar usage over the decades, since I first started writing scientific reports, and I frequently wonder which usage is considered correct. Your newsletter helps me stay current.’
Hydrogeologist, General Manager Stephen Smith, Peru

‘Mary’s admirable, impressive and splendid website introduces the best books and articles in the field of business writing. Moreover, the examples of this website and a profusion of profound and excellent emails which have been sent to students and others explain a lot of indispensable words and expressions of business and legal writing. I owe a debt of gratitude toward Mary Morel.’
Mojtaba Arjomandi, hydro-geology PhD student, Iran

All about words: modifiers, looking forward

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By Mary Morel | May 2017 Dangling, misplaced and squinting modifiers I sometimes wonder who invents grammar terms. This month I looked at dangling, misplaced and squinting modifiers. What’s wrong with these sentences that Liz Boulter gives in her Guardian article, Excuse … Read More