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Writing is a critical skill for success in the workplace. Even if you’re a confident writer, there’s always more to learn. The great thing about e-learning is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. When you register, you receive instant access to your course.

The following online writing and grammar courses have been developed by Mary Morel. I’ve been working with words all my career as a writer and corporate trainer. 

All courses will close on 30 June 2024 – all courses now have 50% off. Book now so you don’t miss out.

Short online writing and grammar courses

Two of the courses below, emails@work and Grammar Basics, are stand-alone short courses. The other four are extracts from the longer courses (below).

Learn how to punctuate with ease.

Instant access, self-paced AUD 155 – now just $77

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Brush up on basic grammar principles.

Instant access, self-paced  AUD 155 – now just $77

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Grammar for non-native English speakers.

Instant access, self-paced  AUD 99 – now just $45 (a bargain!)

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How to write effective business emails

Instant access, self-paced  AUD 99 – now just $45 (a bargain)

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The Art of Writing Sentences

The Art of Writing Sentences

How to write clear, concise sentences.

Instant access, self-paced  AUD 155 – now just $77

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Stop confusing words that look or sound alike.

Instant access, self-paced  AUD 75 – now just $45

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Longer online writing and grammar courses

Time to get more serious about your writing? Register for a more comprehensive Online Writing Training course and see the results in your writing.

These courses are suitable for anyone who writes at work.

Grammar, Punctuation and Usage: Improve your grammar skills

Instant access, self-paced  AUD 395 now just $197

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Business Writing (Corners)

Business Writing: Improve your writing skills

Instant access, self-paced AUD 395 – now just $197

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Write to Govern: How to write effective board papers

Instant access, self-paced  AUD 395 – now just $197

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Writing and Grammar Bundle

With this bundle, you save 30% on the individual courses:

  • Grammar, Punctatuation and Usage
  • Business Writing

Instant access, self-paced  AUD 553 – now just $276

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Read what users are saying

Wonderful course 
This is a wonderful course and certainly an eye-opener. Mary’s professional but concise explanations and examples are so easy to grasp – many Aha! moments. I highly recommend this course to anyone in the ‘writing/editing/proofreading/teaching English’ world!

I learnt A LOT
This course helped me understand colons, semicolons and apostrophes.’ (!!!)

My meeting papers and reports were previously full of incorrect punctuation. Now after this course and speaking with Mary I understand what punctuation to use and when.

Extremely informative and worthwhile

Being fairly new to the corporate industry, writing professional emails has been a challenge of mine.

Why I created online grammar courses

I was an early adopter of online courses because I think grammar is ideally suited to e-learning.

Grammar is complex. It has a language all of its own that you need to understand to make sense of the principles. Some people approach grammar with some prior knowledge; others have never learnt grammar. Even if you have a good understanding of grammar, you can always learn more as language changes.

My courses cater for everyone wishing to learn more about grammar, punctuation and usage. 

Mary Morel