English has a lot of commonly confused words. Many look or sound alike, but have different meanings. Such words (e.g. pour and pore) even have a name: they are called ‘false cognates’.

This course, which is part of Working with Words, covers commonly confused words such as:

  • effect and affect
  • its and it’s
  • deserts and desserts
  • advice and advise
  • principal and principle
  • there, their and they’re

And 96 other confused pairs!

You’ll receive some useful memory jogs. For example, did you know that unwanted advice (spelt with a ‘c’) is a vice?

The course is accompanied by an e-book you can use as a reference when you’ve finished the program.

Chose your spelling
When you reach the shopping cart, you can choose whether you want the course in Australian or US English (Australian English is similar to British and New Zealand English). There are some word differences between Australian and US English. For example, Australian English treats practice as a noun and practise as a verb, and US English uses practice for both the noun and the verb.


‘I’ve picked up some good memory prompts to remember some of the words which trip me up from time to time.’

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