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Understanding punctuation rules is essential to writing well. A misplaced comma can change the whole meaning of a sentence, and a wrong apostrophe speaks volumes about your professionalism.

  • Do you sometimes stop and wonder if a word needs an apostrophe or not? (two years experience or two years’ experience)
  • Do you sometimes worry about where to put a comma in a sentence or know what a comma splice is?

You are not alone. Some of the rules of punctuation are tricky, but we’ve helped thousands of people feel more confident about punctuation.

Here’s what one user said:

‘A very valuable program, confirming a lot of what I already understood to be correct and defining those tricky situations I’ve never been sure of. Great to have the punctuation guide for continued reference.’ ‘There were a number of refreshing facts throughout this program and it clarified a number of punctuation rules that I was unsure of.’

Anywhere, anytime

This online course is suitable for anyone anywhere in the world who wishes to brush up on their punctuation skills. You can choose Australian or US spelling when you register for the course (Australian spelling is similar to British and New Zealand spelling). The course comes with a punctuation guide you can download and keep for future reference and includes a comprehensive section on apostrophes.

This course covers:

  • Grammar jargon
  • Ampersands (&)
  • Apostrophes
  • Capitals
  • Colons ( : ) and semicolons ( ; )
  • Commas
  • Dashes
  • Full stops
  • Hyphens
  • Lists
  • Parentheses (often called brackets)
  • Question marks
  • Quotation marks
  • Resources

Content creator
This course was developed by Mary Morel, founder of Online Writing Training. Mary’s been working with words all her career and regularly answers punctuation queries in her monthly newsletter.

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