Grammar Terms

You need to understand grammar terms to understand grammar rules, or even to help your kids with their homework. Sometimes grammar information can feel like it’s written in a foreign language. There’s just so many terms to remember and most grammar writers just assume you know them.

For instance:

  • Do you know what a gerund is? (Now, that is a bit obscure , so don’t be surprised if you didn’t know. It’s when a verb form, e.g. knitting, is used as noun.)
  • Does the difference between a noun and a verb trip off your tongue or do you have to stop and think? What about determiners, prepositions and conjunctions?
  • Or the difference between a phrase and clause?

If you couldn’t answer all those questions, then this online grammar course is for you. You’ll no longer have to consult the dictionary to find out the meaning of grammar terms.

Once you know the terms, grammar rules will make more sense.

Testimonial from a professional editor

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this grammar course and the many ‘Aha moments’! What I found fascinating was the section that focused on parts of a sentence. Goodness, I had forgotten so many pertinent rules. Refreshing and fun to do.’

Course content

This course covers:

  • Parts of speech (also know as word classes)
  • Different types of nouns
  • Different types of verbs
  • Elements of a sentence
  • Sentence types
  • Glossary (you can print this off as a handy reference)

Each module has:

  • Online content
  • PDF you can download to keep for future reference
  • Quizzes to help the terms stick in your memory
  • Useful references

You can also email if you have any grammar questions.


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