Proofreading its errorLearn how to use apostrophes correctly with this online course. Do you know when to use it’s or its or if you need apostrophes in acronyms (FAQs or FAQ’s?).

Although the basic rules are straightforward, apostrophes can be tricky and not everyone agrees on all usages.

For instance, which would you write?

  • 20 years experience or 20 years’ experience
  • Frances’ report or Frances’s report

This apostrophe course is part of An A to Z of Punctuation and itĀ covers:

  • Grammar jargon (a refresher on grammar terms to make the rest of the course easier to understand)
  • Possessive apostrophes (e.g. Julie’s workload)
  • Descriptive apostrophes (e.g. two weeks’ notice or two weeks notice?)
  • Contractions and omissions
  • How to avoid apostrophes
  • Common apostrophe problems (e.g. it’s and its)
  • Apostrophe questions
  • Resources


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