iStock_000015627044MediumBefore you start writing, think about what medium to use and be clear about what you want to say.

What’s the best medium for your communication?
Is email the most appropriate medium for your message? Sometimes a phone call, letter or face-to-face chat might be better.

When choosing the most appropriate medium, consider:

Your purpose – What do you want to achieve and how do you want your reader to respond? For example, do you want them to do something or are you just sending them information that might interest them?

Audience – How well do you know the person and what is your relationship with them? For instance, are they a colleague or a manager; client or customer; friend or stranger? Will your email be read by more than one person?

Subject matter – How confidential is the topic? Would it matter if it were forwarded? Are you covering just one topic or several topics in the email?

Context – Do you need to provide any background information or context for the email to make sense? For example, if you were requesting information, you might want to say what that information will be used for and why it is important.


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