The following podcasts are available in the online courses.

Clear key messages in financial reporting to the board

Mary talks to Chris Mamarelis, CEO of The Whiddon Group, who stresses the importance of summarising financial information for the board.

Thinking about strategy when writing a board paper

Mary talks to Barry Rafe, who works with the Australian Institute of Company Directors and boards on strategy and risk.

How to manage the blur between governance and operations

Mary talks to New Zealand non-executive director and chair Rod Campbell about how boards and management are ‘in it together’.

Qualities of clear executive summaries

Listen to Mary talk to Julie Shannon about writing executive summaries.

How to write effective business emails

Lynne Laracy talks about writing effective business emails.

How to write effective board papers

Peter Dongas, Governance Institute of Australia, interview Mary Morel about board papers.

Boards expectations of board papers

Mary talks to Ken Marshman, chair of REST Industry Super, and non-executive director Christine Hawkins.

Writing about risk

Risk expert Peter Whyntie talks about risk.

How to write about financial information for the board

Aaron Slater, Head of Enterprise Performance at Australia Post, talks about how his team is improving financial reporting to the board.

Structured thinking

Davina Stanley, managing director of Clarity College, talks about the principles of structured thinking.

Writing for your readers

Dana Skopal PhD talks about the lessons for writers on how people read documents. Her views are based on her PhD research.

Board paper processes

Governance consultant Lisa Coletta talks about her experiences working in a corporate secretariat role and transforming the board paper processes.

Presenting to the board

Julie Garland McLellan talks about presenting to the board