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Learn writing skills online

Most of the online courses on this site have been developed by me, Mary Morel. I’ve been working with words all my career.

I believe good writing is powerful and that everyone can learn to write well.

Even if you’re a good writer, there’s always more to learn.

Anywhere, anytime with elearning

  • Are you a busy professional who writes reports and briefs, but worry that the quality of your writing lets you down?
  • Are you looking for a new job, but hate having to fill out the application forms because of your grammar?
  • Is English your second language and you struggle to understand some aspects of English?

If you wish to improve your writing and grammar skills, then the online writing and grammar courses are for you.

Subscriptions for organisations

Online Writing Training’s courses are also used by organisations – small and large – and I can tailor the courses to suit your style guide and use real examples. Many organisations choose a bundle of courses.

Ring 61 2 9365 7711 or email us for more information.

Course list

You receive access for one year.

100 Commonly Confused Words A$19.95

This short course is an extract from the larger Working with Words course.

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An A to Z of Punctuation A$39

A comprehensive look at modern punctuation.

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Biz Grammar: Business Grammar, Punctuation and Usage A$79

An overview course – if your time is limited, I recommend you do this one and Grammar Terms.

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emails@work: How to write effective emails A$39

A comprehensive course on how to write business emails.

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ESL Grammar A$39

This course, co-written with ESL specialist Mette Granvik, focuses on tenses, prepositions and determiners.

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Grammar Essentials A$39

The grammar basics – grammar terms, common grammar mistakes, grammar myths and more.

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Grammar Terms A$19.95

Brush up on grammar terms with this short course so you can read and understand grammar information more easily.

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How to use Apostrophes A$19.95

This short course is part of An A to Z of Punctuation. If you are not sure about apostrophe usage, then this course is for you.

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Styles for Business Writing A$39

Written with small-to-medium businesses in mind, this course looks at modern writing styles, such as styles for numbers and dates. Consistent, modern styles are part of branding.

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The Art of Writing Sentences $39

It’s at the sentence level, you can often make the biggest improvement to your writing. This course aims to make you think about the way you write.

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Working with Words A$39

Your word choice is key to the way you communicate. This course looks at topics such as formal and informal language, buzzwords, spelling and more.

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Write to Govern: How to write board and committee papers A$198

With this online course, you’ll learn how to write effective papers more confidently and get through the review process more effortlessly.

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Join the ‘All about Words’ Facebook group

The ‘All about Words’ closed Facebook group is for everyone who likes working with words. People doing the online courses can post writing and grammar questions and comments in this group.


Writing and grammar tips

You’ll find some writing and grammar tips in the blog, e-newsletter and on some of the course pages.